Kes.50 Billion Promise for MSMEs

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Kes.50 Billion Promise for MSMEs

Kes.50 Billion Promise for MSMEs

When the new Government is finally inaugurated in the coming weeks, many will be eagerly waiting for fulfilment of the economic pledges that were made during the campaign period either in manifestos or during the hundreds of rallies to desperate, broke, jobless and starving Kenyans.

This is despite the hard-bare truth that the new government will have little headroom to implement its manifesto after paying salaries, meeting debt obligations and distributing equitable share to the county governments

My immediate interest though will be the Kes 50 billion a year fund to MSMES (popularly known as the Hustlers fund in the Kenya Kwanza manifesto). We have been in this path before with both the Youth Enterprise Fund and Women Enterprise Fund.

My view is that these funds performed below expectation and of course some were involved in scandalous activities that are in the public domain.

Of particular interest to me would be details on the kind of Credit Risk Management Framework that will be deployed given the failure of the other funds mentioned above. For a government-driven fund I am keen to see how credit analysis, mitigation and governance processes will look like.

Secondly, I would expect that the Board and the Chief executive officer will be subjected to professional and moral suitability test as you would expect for senior managers of a Tier 2 commercial bank in Kenya. In short Central bank should have oversight over the fund, in any case Kes 50 billion (on a yearly basis) is not pocket change.


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